Course curriculum

  • 1

    Get inspired

    • Welcome! 🧡💛💚

    • Build a strong fundament of your creativity

    • 10 ways to stimulate your mind

    • Creativity survey

  • 2

    Creative ideas

    • 5 easy steps to organize your ideas

    • 3 techniques to produce original ideas

  • 3

    Creative tips

    • Create smart, not hard

    • Case study - Creative Genius

    • 20 tools for creatives

    • Your feedback

Learn creative thinking! 🧠

Boost your creativity with 7 lessons, 7 infographics, 7 exercises ✌️😃💥 

We'll teach you how to: 

🥑 Inspire yourself wherever you are 

🥑 Produce many creative ideas 

🥑 Organize your time and energy to stay driven

BFreak Project Director

Jakub Stadnik

Hello! Creativity has been my biggest passion for a long time, together with art, science, philosophy, films, psychology and travelling. It all started with a fascination with the lives of geniuses. The selection of my interests was an attempt to follow their lives. I also love taking challenges and doing crazy things to get above everyday life. I’m a Fine Art student at Newcastle University and BFreak Project Director. Together with my great team we help people around the world to become more creative.